Hello! Welcome to Stay in Tune: MCC Blog. Here at Milwaukee Children’s Choir, we are starting a weekly blog to keep you informed on what’s happening in the choir. Yes, we have newsletters, emails, and social media, but our blog is a way for you to get an in depth look on what we are up to. The main goal for our blog postings is to increase our communication with our members, parents of members, donors, partners, and anyone who’s interested in MCC.


Not only do we want to keep you informed with this blog we are starting, we want to entertain you as well! At MCC, we want you to have fun learning about our organization that has been around since 1994. Our plan for this blog is to write about the different tours our choir goes on, events we have throughout the year, and miscellaneous topics regarding Milwaukee Children’s Choir.

While reading this post, you may be wondering why we’re doing this now. As you can see while scrolling through your social media, Milwaukee Children’s Choir is clearly not the first organization to start a blog, and we won’t be the last. Together, we decided that starting a blog was the right step for us to be able to share our stories with the people who enable our success. By starting this blog you, our audience, will get to learn more about what makes us an exceptional nonprofit organization.

We are already thinking ahead to our next post! The following Wednesday, get ready to read all about the choir’s latest tour to the Southwest, called our “Southwest Expansion Tour 2016”. Our choral students traveled South with our Artistic Director, Marco Melendez, from Missouri to California, and everywhere in between sharing their talent along the way. We can’t wait to share with you pictures from their adventure, and more insight of the tour.

Don’t forget to check our website under the “Blog” section each Wednesday afternoon for our most recent posts. We will also put a reminder on our social media sites once we publish the latest blog to MilwaukeeChildrensChoir.org. We look forward to sharing more of our stories with you and hope you enjoy learning more about MCC!