Do you know which Milwaukee-based organization is the nation’s largest fund supporting performing arts? If you guessed United Performing Arts Fund, you’re correct!

UPAF logo

UPAF is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to funding the arts in Milwaukee, WI since 1967. For the past 49 years, UPAF has helped its Member Groups “produce 2,000 live performances of music, dance, theater, and opera each year”. Here at Milwaukee Children’s Choir, we are a proud UPAF Member Group.

Each year, UPAF relies on donations from corporations and individual patrons who help sustain it through their generous donations. UPAF proudly exceeded its 2015 campaign fundraising goal thanks to individual and corporate donors who helped raise $12,163,486 this past year. This money donated then goes to support Member Groups of UPAF, including Milwaukee Children’s Choir.

             The United Performing Arts Fund helps us at Milwaukee Children’s Choir do what it does best: provide children ages 4-18 years old with exceptional choral music education and performance experience that foster creativity, personal expression, and social growth. Without the continued support from UPAF, we would not be able to continue giving children in the Milwaukee area the opportunity to learn and grow through choral membership and vocal music education. For more information about UPAF, visit