tour chaperone informatioN
And application

Choir tours require a variety of support tasks from parents and other adults. One of those tasks is accompanying the choir as chaperones. Following this information is an application form to complete if you would like to serve the choir in this capacity. We need both male and female chaperones. Please fill in the information and submit. Thank you!

Chaperones will be selected by the MCC staff, and selection will be based on this initial application and a clear record after a criminal background check (Background Check information included). These measures are put into effect to ensure the safety of our singers. Travel with children requires careful, thorough supervision; and we want to be able to assure all of our families that their children will be taken care of properly from departure to return.

Some of the characteristics MCC staff members look for in tour chaperones include:

  • Flexibility is a must. No matter how carefully the trip is planned, there will be last minute changes and unforeseen circumstances that will require common sense, a level head, and good cheer
  • An ability to work well with young people. Having some experience is very important, and previous experiences as a chaperone are a big plus
  • A willingness to consistently work within the guidelines of discipline required by the trip, and to assure that the children in your care follow all rules and routines appropriately
  • Strong organizational skills
  • An ability to forgo personal desires to be a team player
  • Prioritization of the educational music focus of the tour, sometimes at the expense of typical tourist opportunities
  • A sense of humor and an enjoyment of young people
  • A willingness to never smoke or drink during the tour
  • Medical training is helpful, but not required

Chaperones will be asked to pay the full student tour rate and must be available to supervise children the entire trip. If you have any questions about the duties of chaperones or the screening process, contact Marco Melendez at or 414-221-7040.  An electronic version of the application is available on our Members Only page at

Typical chaperone duties:

  • Each chaperone will be responsible for watching over approximately four-six choristers from wake-up call to lights out.
  • Help students with travel, answer questions, watch their behavior, be aware of health needs.
  • Check that children have all they need for all activities (identification cards, tickets, personal belongings, uniforms).
  • Help with setting up at rehearsal and performance sites,
  • Attend chaperone meetings before and during the tour.

Please be sure of your commitment so our singers can depend on your full participation.