Coffee Sales Fundraiser

Money raised from sales of Anodyne coffee, tea, and hot chocolate will be used for the 2017 Eterna and Milwaukee Youth Chorale tour. Orders placed on Sunday will be filled the following Sunday. We cannot process orders mid-week. Payment needs to accompany all orders and must be in the form of a check made payable to Milwaukee Children’s Choir.

In order to get credit toward the tour, a chorister must sell a minimum of $100 of product over the course of the sale.

We expect to run the sale through Spring Break, but may be able to extend it if there is the interest.

To participate in this fundraiser, follow these steps:
1. Complete the order form with your selections.
2. Make a check out to Milwaukee Children’s Choir for the entire amount of the order.
3. Bring the check and order form to practice on a Sunday.
4. Pick up your coffee order the following Sunday. Additional order forms will be available each Sunday.

If you have any questions, contact Dan or Sarah. Call the Milwaukee Children's Choir for contact information.