Associate Director of Introductory Choir


Milwaukee Children’s Choir founded in 1994, the Milwaukee Children’s Choir (MCC) is a non-profit professional children’s choral organization servicing the Greater Milwaukee area. We provide exceptional vocal training based on sound pedagogical practices specifically designed for children’s voices. We customize curriculum that stems from sequential music learning theory to meet the cognitive developmental stages of our singers. We foster creativity through the encouragement of personal expression and enable social growth by developing a team spirit within our learning environment.


Overview: MCC is in search of a passionate choral educator/conductor to be our Director of the Introductory Choir and to be an enthusiastic contributor and supporter of our artistic team. The Introductory Choir is comprised of children ages 6-9. Rehearsals are conducted at a satellite location in Hartland on Monday and at the Milwaukee Youth Arts Center on Tuesday.


The Milwaukee Children’s Choir under the leadership of the Executive Artistic Director Lynn Swanson has cast a new vision for our organization that builds on the strong legacy of Founding Director Emily Crocker. We will endeavor to strengthen our presence on the international choral stage through continued collaborative efforts with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, the Milwaukee Ballet while seeking partnerships with other exceptional arts organizations flourishing not only in Milwaukee but around the world.



  • Be a passionate and enthusiastic member of the MCC Artistic Team.
  • Converse regularly, exchanging creative thoughts regarding the development of our children and program with other MCC directors.
  • Develop teaching methods and curriculum under the guidance of MCC Executive Artistic Director.
  • Recruit singers with the help of MCC staff, families, MCC Board of Directors and other music educators.
  • Prepare semester goals and weekly rehearsal/lesson plans for the 32-week season.
  • Conduct one 60-minute rehearsal per week, for each of the two rehearsal sites, emphasizing sequential vocal development, sight-reading and theory skills using sequential music learning theory methods that include the use of movement, singing games, and the pure joy of music making.
  • Coordinate two all-day workshops annually.
  • Present and help produce with other staff three-four performances yearly.
  • Communicate weekly and in a thorough manner with MCC families.


  • Qualifications:
  • Bachelor Degree or higher in music. A degree in music education is preferred.
  • Minimum three years of experience in a music classroom setting.
  • Selection of age appropriate music/choral literature.
  • Strong organizational and rehearsal management skills.
  • Appropriate vocal model with exceptional conducting gestures.
  • Ability to play keyboard for occasional rehearsals.


To apply, send cover letter with resume/CV and three references. The application should also include a video recording of a live performance or rehearsal that you conducted for ages 6-9. The recording may be submitted as a YouTube link or sent as a DVD. Materials will not be returned. Finalists will receive an in-person interview with Executive Artistic Director Lynn Swanson.


Application submissions should be sent to Executive Artistic Director Lynn Swanson at:

Milwaukee Children’s Choir

427 E. Stewart St. Suite 100

Milwaukee, WI 53207 Email: [email protected]