We have one more powerful word for you ~



Delightful is how singer Adedapo Adeboyejo describes his experience with MCC. Adedapo is in his fifth year at MCC and sings in the Milwaukee Youth Chorale. Delightful is hearing why he chose this word and the sincerity of how he spoke about MCC. Here is what Adedapo had to say.


Delightful is the satisfaction of overcoming challenges and achieving success.


"I like how we always find a way to sing every song well, no matter how hard we may think it is in the beginning."


Delightful is the gratitude and affection choristers have for one another.

“I appreciate how friendly everyone at MCC is. I remember when we came back from [2016-2017] tour. Everyone was crying because a fellow chorister was graduating. I still feel the love that everyone felt that day.


Delightful is feeling accepted by others, especially by those with similar interests.


“MCC is a great place to grow your love for music around a group of people who also love music."


Delightful is the courage and confidence Adedapo gained from MCC.


"MCC has taught me to be more confident in my voice and that I should never be afraid to express myself through song. My confidence has transferred into other areas of my life. I even built the courage to sing at a talent show at my school. I'm inspired to sing because of that confidence."



Delightful are the thoughts on his improved confidence by Adedapo's mom, Caroline.


“[Adedapo] can now sing in front of anyone, and he isn't afraid to share his gift anymore. My strongest memory is when he sang a solo at the [MCC] Christmas concert. I was very proud of him when I saw it.”


Delightful is Adedapo, the energy he brings to MCC and the amazing experiences he's had with us.