Meet Evan Bagwell.


Evan is a sophomore and joined us at the age of 7. Now he sings in the Milwaukee Youth Chorale. He has one word to share with you too: Captivating. For him, Captivating is an appropriate word choice. 


Captivating is the diversity that music brings to individuals, and provides opportunities for choristers to learn from one another.

"It's really cool to see how people can all come together to spread the value of music and singing. We all come from different areas, different backgrounds and different values, and as a group, we congregate and share our knowledge together. We all learn and benefit.”


Captivating is how music integrates into other school subjects, creating relationships between the concepts and processes of music and other classroom teachings.

I like music because it challenges you in the same way you're challenged in school. When you look at a piece of music and you learn the rhythm, for example, you’re actually using the same neuro processes as doing math. So while you’re singing music and you’re counting rhythms, you’re technically doing math. You’re continuously practicing those subjects. I think it’s kind of cool.


Captivating is the support fellow choristers give each other beyond MCC.

"I received a lot of support from last year’s solo I did for the [Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra]. The people in my choir supported me the entire way and congratulated me when I finished. And I've gotten to return the favor. We actually go to a lot of fellow chorister’s musicals and plays. I even got to see a fellow chorister perform a play in Scotland. I think it's important to support them."


Captivating describes the openness of MCC. All are welcome, regardless of singing ability.

There's something for everyone, whether you’ve never sang before or you sing all the time. Sometimes people who have never sang before come to the impression that you have to be super good to be in the choir but that’s not necessarily true. You can come in new and learn the theory that is produced through Resident Choir and Voices of Eterna. Or if you are very passionate about singing you can start off right away at the top choirs.