Memorable is Lauren Barta’s one word, and she has amazing reasons for her choice.


Lauren joined MCC when she was just 10 years old. As she spent more time with the choir, her interest in the performing arts continued to grow. In middle school, Lauren was inspired to join the orchestra. She played a range of instruments, wanting to test out all that she could. Her confidence grew and in high school, she tried out for the school musical. She eventually played lead roles in both Cinderella and Little Shop of Horrors. 


After graduation, Lauren will attend Drake University in Des Moines, IA, double majoring in Environmental Studies with a BA in Music.


Memorable is Lauren’s history with MCC. During her time with the choir, she’s encountered challenges that helped develop both her leadership and musicianship skills. However, it’s not just about what she’s gained, but how she can give back.

“It is my due diligence to provide these skills back to the organization. To act as a leader and mentor to the younger singer. With these strengths, I feel as though I am contributing to the organization everything that they contributed to me.”


Memorable is how Lauren has been inspired by MCC.

“Initially, music and singing was just a pass time that I had, but as I devoted more time immersing myself in [music], it has become so much more. I personally feel as though music is the best way to combat all of the violence and prejudice in our world. [Music] provides a means for people to come together and do something that can spark dialogue in a sympathetic and non-violent manner.”


Memorable refers to the special friendships she gained.

"We have a familial bond, like they are my second family. It was not something I was necessarily looking for when I joined, but these relationships I formed have shaped who I am as a person.”


Memorable are her experiences and how they helped her grow as an individual.

“On [2014 East Coast] tour, I really discovered my passion for the arts. We saw the Broadway show Newsies, performed in Carnegie Hall and sang for our state representative Gwen Moore. [Tour] allowed me to grow in maturity. At the time, I was the associate head chorister, meaning that I had a large responsibility not only for myself but for all the other students on the trip. The skills that I learned, such as communication and leadership, are still skills that I use today.”


Lauren is an incredible singer and special student. Lynn Swanson, Executive Artistic Director and conductor of Lauren's choir, has another word in mind when describing this outstanding singer: Humility

"Despite her enormous talent not just as a singer, but as a profoundly gifted artist, [Lauren] portrays a respect for the arts and others in that she never seeks to be the center of attention. Through her choral performances and solo opportunities, her goal is to provide a meaningful and transforming experience for the performer and the listener. This gift is something that is not always found in young people or even in mature artists."


Memorable is listening to Lauren talk about MCC. Lauren describes her experience here with compassion and acceptance defining so many of her memories. You make those memories possible with every gift to Milwaukee Children's Choir.


Memorable is your donation. Your gift to the Give2Sing Campaign is a chance to reflect on your own experiences with MCC and provide support to our organization. You ensure that we will continue to provide students, like Lauren, the skills they need to succeed.