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The Board's Corner: A Message from the Board President

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season! As we enter into the New Year, I wanted to announce some changes within our Board of Directors.

My name is Emily Schley and I am taking over the Presidency of the Board for Katie Rasmussen. Katie did a wonderful job taking us into our 25th Season.  I hope to bring us through that 25th season and position our organization to continue to bring high-level choral music to children in the Milwaukee area for the next 25 years and beyond!

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Board's Corner: Message from the Board President

Welcome back and to our 25th Anniversary season! I hope that you are all as excited as I am to celebrate this major milestone.

As we start of this season, I want to take a moment to welcome some faces that are new – but hopefully you know by now! A big welcome to:

          *Lynn Swanson, Executive Artistic Director
          *Beth Anderson, General Manager
          *Tasha Sorenson, Development Director
          *Lucas Abegglen, Training Choir Director
          *Cornelia Bielke, Prelude Choir Director

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Between the Lines: A Message from the EAD

I grew up in a dually aligned family committed to both choral music and sports. It was essential that the everyone in Swanson family do both. I began piano lessons at the age of 8 which was the earliest any teacher would take a student in those days. At the same time I began baseball practice with my older brother. We didn’t have teams for girls then, so my best option was to practice with the guys during the week and take stats in the dugout at the games. My father taught us to bat left-handed so us scrawny kids would have a better chance at the plate.

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