Henry Dizard is this week’s Friday Feature! From Resident Choir West, Henry was nominated by Mrs. Rachel Beeksma. She says, “his excellent sight reading skills and positive, can-do attitude makes him a great leader in his section!” Along with singing, Henry likes to act and is involved in First Stage Children’s Theater. We’re so happy Henry is in our program!

Picture​Q. How long have you been involved with the Milwaukee Children’s Choir?
A. This is my second year in MCC.

Q. What is your favorite holiday? Why?
A. Thanksgiving because I can eat a lot of food and spend time with family I don’t see very often.

Q. What is your favorite word?
A. Biodegradable

Q. If you were the first person to speak to an alien from outer space, what would you say?
A. Do you speak French?

Q. What is your favorite animal?
A. A giant squid

Q. If you had super powers, what would they be?
A. Shape shifting!

Q. Do you play any instruments? If so, how long have you been playing them?
A. I’ve been playing bassoon for 3 years and piano for 8.

Q. What is your favorite part about being in Resident Choir West?
A. I get to spend time with friends I don’t see other places.

​Henry is overall a very musical person. He enjoys playing the piano, bassoon, and french horn. He also, “of chorus,” enjoys singing in choir! One of Henry’s favorite memories from MCC was the bus ride on tour last year to Nashville and Memphis, Tennessee. Henry is very excited to go on tour to Cincinnati with his choir friends this summer! He loves meeting new people and making new friends!

Thank you to Henry and his family for sharing! Keep an eye out for next week’s Friday Feature!