Welcome back and to our 25th Anniversary season! I hope that you are all as excited as I am to celebrate this major milestone.

As we start of this season, I want to take a moment to welcome some faces that are new – but hopefully you know by now! A big welcome to:

          *Lynn Swanson, Executive Artistic Director
          *Beth Anderson, General Manager
          *Tasha Sorenson, Development Director
          *Lucas Abegglen, Training Choir Director
          *Cornelia Bielke, Prelude Choir Director

Also a big welcome back to all of our returning directors and accompanists. I am excited for the personnel that we have this year and the amazing music they will be able to make with your choristers.

As we embark on our 25th season, I’d like to consider the benefits your choristers receive from singing in a choir. They get to enjoy a passion of theirs and see friends that they have made, but it goes so much deeper than that.

For years, researchers have been looking into how music and singing impact us. The benefits range from speech and language development to emotional intelligence; from health benefits to understanding of other cultures. There are numerous reasons to engage in singing with others. One of my favorites is the sense of awe that is created by a group of choristers singing together. This is felt both by those attending the concert, as well as those singing. According to an article written by Anna Mikulak in Observer, the magazine by the Association for Psychological Science, “awe may focus our attention on the here and now, but research indicates that it also prompts us to think in more self-transcendent ways, shifting our focus from inward concern to an outward sense of universality and connectedness.”

In a time when lives are ruled by schedules, electronic devices, multitasking, and the next big thing, let’s take the time to inspire awe. To connect with those around us, as fellow singers and musicians, as a community with those around us, as people. Let’s sing!

I’m looking forward to an exciting 25th Anniversary season. Thank you for your continued support. Thank your choristers for their voices. Milwaukee Children’s Choir exists for them and because of them. And they sing the music that joins our great city together.