The United Performing Arts Fund (UPAF) supports Milwaukee performing arts organizations that enrich our lives, educate our youth and strengthen our economy. UPAF's support is possible because of our local community and their donations to UPAF's annual Campaign.

On March 4, UPAF celebrated the launch of their 2019 Campaign! The Campaign financially supports member groups, ensuring that our performing arts thrive for generations to come.

UPAF's 2018 Campaign raised an incredible $12 million! Fourteen prominent performing arts organizations benefited from that funding, including MCC. So know when you donate to UPAF's 2019 Campaign that you are making a sound investment in our local talent.

Individuals can also support the 2019 Campaign by hosting Workplace Giving. Whether a small business, large corporation or a nonprofit, join over 200 local organizations that are making a difference through their Workplace Giving. Click here to learn more.

There are so many ways we can raise money to support the performing arts in our community! Visit UPAF's website to donate or learn more about UPAF and their amazing member groups.