Tasha Sorenson

Tasha SorensonTasha Sorenson

Director of Development
MS, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
BS, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Email: [email protected]

Tasha Sorenson is the Director of Development and is responsible for the fundraising efforts for Milwaukee Children's Choir. Tasha is a native of Wisconsin and has worked in the Milwaukee nonprofit community for ten years.

Tasha received a BS in Art History, History and the Study of Comparative Religions from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2004. After graduation, she found herself working in the nonprofit field. It is during this time that Tasha fell in love with nonprofits and developed a deep passion for charitable work. This lead her to get her MS in Nonprofit Management and Leadership with a focus on philanthropy from UW-Milwaukee in 2012. Tasha's passion towards supporting nonprofits continues to grow as she learns more about organizations in need of assistance.

Tasha provides support to our philanthropic community and is happy spending her days helping make Milwaukee a better city and an amazing place to live, one program at a time.