Milwaukee Children's Choir has strong relationships with other Milwaukee performing arts organizations.

Milwaukee Children's Choir is a proud member of the United Performing Arts Fund, which is the nation's largest fund supporting performing arts organizations. UPAF's purpose is to advance the excellence and sustainability of the performing arts in metro Milwaukee, Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, and Milwaukee Ballet. Milwaukee Children's Choir is honored to be an artist in residence at The Cathedral Church of All SaintsMount Carmel Lutheran Church,and St. Charles Catholic School. Milwaukee Children’s Choir is a proud program partner at the state-of-the-art Milwaukee Youth Arts Center (MYAC). The Milwaukee Youth Arts Center is Milwaukee Children's Choir's primary east rehearsal site, where we collaborate with our program partners in activities each year. Milwaukee Children's Choir serves area students during their regular school day in partnership with their dedicated teachers and administrators. Thank you to all of our primary partners:

Our Partners

Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra
Mount Carmel Lutheran Church
Milwaukee Ballet
All Saints Cathderal
Milwaukee Youth Arts Centre
St. Charles Parish & School