Greetings to our MCC families, volunteers, friends and stakeholders.  The Board sincerely hopes that in this time of economic and personal uncertainty that ever one of you is staying safe, healthy, and connected in whatever way you can!

We want to provide you with some key updates regarding our Board of Directors, our activities, and our goals for the immediate future.

COVID-19 Response

The COVID-19 crisis has affected most (if not all) remaining activities for the season.  We are waiting for an “all clear” from state and federal authorities, at which point we will assess what can be done to reschedule any cancelled events or develop creative ways for the choirs to connect.  The most obvious question is “when?” – and of course, we don’t have an answer until the risk from COVID-19 has passed.

We are proud of how our artistic and administrative staff identified creative ways to engage our choristers over the past few weeks, which includes “virtual” assignments and video rehearsal sessions. We will continue to work to keep the kids engaged in positive activities over the coming weeks.

Board Updates – Current Members, Future Members

Recently, the MCC Board of Directors had a shift in officer positions. Board President Emily Schley stepped back from the Board as she starts her family with the birth of her first child. Vice President Joe Ciancaglini stepped in as Chair. Additionally, Brenda Duke accepted the Vice President role, and Anne Plichta is the new Board Secretary.

One challenge we face on the MCC Board is rebuilding.  Over the past year, we have lost Board members and are actively recruiting new Board members. We are currently conducting interviews with interested Board candidates, but we always have room additional candidates who have relevant interests and skills. If you or someone you know is interested, please contact Joe Ciancaglini by email for more information. 

Solidifying our Staff for the 2020-21 Season

We are working to solidify/finalize our organization for next year.  This includes the identification of a new Artistic Director, confirmation of the artistic and administrative staff, and finalizing the 2020-21 performance schedule and budget.  We are committed to finalizing the individuals in these roles as soon as possible and will announce the team once confirmed.

A big thank you to our community for your continued support during this difficult time. Together, we will overcome this crisis and bring the performing arts back to Milwaukee stronger than ever.