What are you doing tonight at 8:00 p.m.? How about listening to an
amazing and talented group of young people sing the National Anthem
during the Democratic National Convention (DNC). Pay close attention when you do, because you’ll see MCC’s very own Asha Hagopian as one of the choristers!

The DNC opening-night program will feature a 57-member youth choir
performing the “Star Spangled Banner” virtually. Commonwealth
Youthchoirs, a partner of the DNC Committee, assembled these talented
young people from all across the country to create this multicultural

We are thrilled that Asha is raising her voice for Wisconsin. Congratulations, Asha! We could not be more proud of you and your
accomplishments. We look forward to watching you shine.

Tune in to the DNC Coverage tonight at 8pm CT to hear Asha and singers
from all 57 states and territories honor America with our National
Anthem! Best way to watch is livestream: demconvention.com/watch.

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