Composer Conversations

As it turns out, there are some benefits that came out of the pandemic, including access to amazing artists. These professionals could easily join us online, and without the need to travel, fees were reduced considerably or even donated. Because of the opportunity, we created a new segment called Composer Conversations. The workshops provided new perspectives and ideas for our singers to think creatively about music and life.

During Composer Conversations, globally recognized composers joined MCC’s virtual rehearsals to talk with our singers about their composing process and what excites them about music. During these workshops, youth asked thought-provoking questions, learned about the composing process, and discovered a deeper understanding for the music they were singing.

We were fortunate to connect with some amazing composers who each had something different to bring to the table:

  • When composer and conductor Jim Papoulis joined us for Composer Conversations, our singers talked about hope. The hope that is within each of us, and how music helps us express the emotion.

  • Master pianist and composer Joseph Martin joined us, as well. During his time with singers, he encouraged choristers to sing from the heart and connect with their emotions.

  • We also received a visit by composer and MCC founder Emily Crocker. Emily told the history of MCC through her most passionate and uplifting stories as MCC Artistic Director (1994-2010). It was an opportunity for our youth to connect with MCC’s history and understand who they are singing with.

Overall, it has been an amazing season and we are so thankful to the composers who joined us.

With such a fantastic season, it is hard not to be excited for what’s to come. We look forward to continuing sharing more on Composer Conversations with you, along with the development of our 2021-2022 season. Stay tuned to learn more!