On Saturday, January 21, 2023, choristers united for their annual winter retreat. MCC singers participate in 2 retreats per season – 1 in the fall and 1 in the winter. This 1-day activity is an extended rehearsal time that MCC singers greatly benefit from. The choirs come together, learn new music, and connect with one another. Choral retreats combine many educational elements which boost choristers’ ability to learn. It is amazing how much the choirs absorb. Retreats continue to be educational and inspirational with benefits that last throughout the season.

More specifically, Lyric Chorale choristers met with composer and MCC founder Emily Crocker online during the retreat. Through Ms. Crocker’s leadership, singers took a deep dive into her new composition Fire and Ice and learned her process to create the piece, the relationship between the rhythm, notes and words, and the important role women have always played in the performing arts and choral music.

Overall, all the choirs worked on the music for the upcoming concert Moxie, played icebreakers/get to know you activities to build friendship and community, and learned music theory, rhythm, and notes. Following individual choir activities, choristers came together for group songs and a pizza party.