IC Rehearsal Tracks

Sisi Ni Moja

Nino Querido




Uma Familia




It Takes a Village




IC Rhythm Lesson 3




IC Toanl Lesson 3




IC Round Lesson 3




For Fun: There's a Spider on the Floor




Watch Episode 2 of "You Better Sing"





Bate Bate Lesson 1




Bate Bate Lesson 2




Bate Bate Lesson 3




Rhythm Lesson 4




Tonal Lesson 4




Easy Beasy Fleas - WarmUp




Rhythm Lesson #5




TonalLesson #5




Spring's Arrival




El Chocolate w/Melody




A Child's Prayer Vs. 2


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IC Warmup Week 6




IC Rhythm Lesson 6




IC Tonal Lesson 6