May 15 Virtual Concert Recording

What we’re sharing with you today is in preparation for the most ambitious and creative collaborations in MCC’s 27-year history. While the finished product will be polished and amazing, you may not be surprised to hear that getting there involved a little chaos.

As you view the videos and images from the event, you’ll see various cords and lights, plus green screens and mics, all surrounding an individual chorister as they sing into a camera while their director conducts them from behind. It may not look clean behind-the-scenes, but sometimes that’s more fun. 

The virtual recording event took place on Saturday, April 17. After arriving, singers were asked to use one word to describe what the world needs now. Answers included love, care, education, peace, and happiness. They then participated in a quick photo-op with their word. Following photos, singers warmed up their voices with Artistic Director Rachel Maki, and then began recording their parts with their conductor. Singers left with a bouquet of lollipops and a smile from ear to ear.