The Paper Plates Awards

On Tuesday, April 20, Preparatory Choir celebrated¬†their first annual Paper Plate Awards. In some places, an end-of-the-year awards ceremony involves honoring one or two individuals for their effort. After facing so many challenges this year, Preparatory Choir Conductor Kalia Bingen wanted to have an opportunity to acknowledge every single chorister’s hard work and commitment. From this idea, the Paper Plate Awards were born!¬†

At a previous rehearsal, choristers were asked to nominate their peers for awards and share positive comments about one another. Mrs. Bingen was blown away by the responses – she received over 100 suggestions! She took these ideas and selected an award for every chorister based on their unique contribution to the choir that year. At the awards ceremony, Mrs. Bingen presented each chorister with their paper plate and shared some of the nice things their fellow singers had said about them, as well as Mrs. Bingen’s own comments about their incredible work throughout the year. These delightful choristers didn’t stop there, though – the choir presented Mrs. Bingen with her own paper plate award for “Best Teacher Ever” – obviously, one of the highest honors you can receive in the field.

This is sure to become a heartwarming tradition in Preparatory Choir for years to come!