December 12 Concert Virtual Concert Recording

With the pandemic in full swing, it was impossible for our choristers, families and friends to join together for an in-person performance. However, concerts are an important part of what our choristers do at the MCC. The benefits children gain from singing and performing range widely, from better grades and advanced social skills, to a more empathic attitude towards the performing arts as adults. 

So on December 12, 2020, the MCC premiered it’s first-ever virtual performance! Entitled Family: A Virtual Concert, choristers sang about supporting each other, belonging, and growing stronger together. It was a beautiful moment seeing our singers connect with their families and the Milwaukee community.

However, creating this performance in a safe environment was a major concern, and on November 14, 2020, MCC Conductors and staff accomplished this feat. Each singer was recorded separately with their Director conducting behind the scenes. A film editing firm was then contracted to artfully combine the clips to create a high-quality performance.

Artistic staff wanted to make the concert recording event a special experience for our singers, recreating that feeling singers get from an in-person concert as best they could. To accomplish this,  MCC singers were given red-carpet treatment, complete with photo-op. Each singer then took 30 minutes to record their pieces, being led by their Conductor. 

The virtual concert recording event was a success! Our kids really felt appreciated and excited for the music they were creating. 

You can see Family: A Virtual Performance on the MCC YouTube Channel: 

The MCC also held a watch party where individuals gathered prior to the concert. While we were unable to gather in a room together, we were still able to celebrate together online. During the watch party, artistic staff talked about the semester, the challenges COVID-19 caused, and how we continue creating topnotch choral music education. This also gave us just a moment to reconnect with the community in this time of isolation. To view the watch party, visit:

Enjoy these photos from the December 12 Virtual Concert Recording Event.