Penny Wars

Welcome to the 3rd Annual Penny War!

March 4-19, 2024  |  Winner Announced April 1st/2nd

What is a Penny War?  

A Penny War is a competition between the choirs on who can raise the most pennies.  Singers can also put silver coins or bills, (dimes, nickels, quarters, $1, $5 etc.) into a DIFFERENT choir’s jar, which would subtract from their penny total. Each week, MCC Staff will count how many pennies are in each jar, and then subtract the value of silver coins and bills in the same jar. The totals for the week and updates will be announced in our weekly Friday’s newsletter.

At the end of the Penny War, MCC staff will add the three-week penny war. The choir with the highest total after the silver coins and bills have been subtracted is deemed the winner.

Here is where the fun really begins…. The Choir Director of the winning choirs is SAFE from getting a PIE in the face! The two other Choir Directors directors will get a pie in the face on April 1st/2nd. (For real!) 


Pennies are positive. Place in your own choir level jar to make your total go up.

Silver coins/bills are negative. Place in other choir level jars to make their totals go down.



March 4-19  |  3 weeks of rehearsals


April 1st/2nd  |  Winning Choir Announced (And the pies start flying!)

The Penny War is virtual, too!

Want to get other family members involved?  They can also participate in our 2nd Annual Penny War online from wherever they are!

Here’s How

  • Visit our secure, online donation page.
  • Decide the amount you would like to donate.
  • Choose a category: pennies or dollars and which choir

You are welcome to donate more than once!

Category Key
IC- Introductory Choir

PC- Preparatory Choir

IMC- Intermediate Choir

LC/MYC- Lyric and Milwaukee Youth Chorale

More Than Just a Friendly Competition

The Penny War is not only lots of fun, it is also an important fundraiser for Milwaukee Children’s Choir.   Our goal is to raise money to help offset the costs singer supplies for our 31st Season.  These items include: folders, binders, music, busy bag items and more!    We appreciate every penny!  Thank you!