Milwaukee Youth Chorale Director Scott Foss used the pandemic as an opportunity to work on solos with Milwaukee Youth Chorale (MYC) singers. The benefit that singing solo repertoire has on an entire choir, as well as each individual singer, is so evident. By spending time working on solo repertoire, choristers have more opportunities to develop enhanced techniques, along with musicality. Plus, the skills learned during the solo work transfer right back into the way they sing a choral part.

MYC choristers began learning their solos in early January. Mr. Foss chose music that stretched each singer’s range and emotional connection. Each solo begins as a little more than the singer can comfortably sing so there is measurable growth.

Not only did Mr. Foss work with each child individually, but they also received lessons from Kitt Reuter-Foss, a professional singer who performed at the Metropolitan Opera and with some of the most prestigious opera companies around the world. Mrs. Rueter-Foss worked with our choristers’ vocal strengths, helped them develop proper singing habits, and increased their range way beyond what they ever expected.

Mr. Foss did not want the hard work of our singers to go to waste, so in late February, he had MYC singers’ solos recorded. For that, we are so thankful to him. Please enjoy the beautiful voices of our MYC choristers in their solo videos below.